ТЕСТИРОВАНИЕ - Английский язык в Краснодаре


английский тестирование уровень

Выберите правильный ответ:
1. Where_______ from?
2. The film_____ at 10.30 p.m.
3. They _____ any foreign languages.
4. Is she your _____?
5. My father ______TV.
6. She _____drive very well.
7. I don’t like_____ late at night.
8. Where’s Dad ? He’s in the kitchen. He _______the dinner.
9. What______ do next summer?
10. Have you ever _______ Paris?
11. Angela is ______ person in the class.
12. I went to the cinema on Saturday night. What film did you________?
13. How many bathrooms ______in the house?
14. I ______ a lot last night.
15. I ___ for CNN for seven years.
16. ___ some presents from my friends.
17. Would you mind ___ me the book for a while?
18. You ___ your homework before you came to the lesson!
19. I’m looking forward ___ from you.
20. He ___ eaten something before going to school.

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